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CBR interviews artist Paul Pelletier about “Incredible Hulk”

Paul Pelletier becomes the new artist for “Incredible Hulk” starting with issue #606 and the start of the “Fall of the Hulks” storyline. Comic Book Resources has interviewed Pelletier about the Hulk and working with writer Greg Pak. Here’s an excerpt:

The main cast of Hulk lately has been Skaar and Bruce Banner in his non-Gamma irradiated form. What have you gotten out of drawing each character?
Well, just the disparity between the two characters is fun. You’ve got Banner, who’s spindly and a little wimpy, while Skaar is this big barbarian-type character. With the two characters, it’s fun to see them work together. Growing up, one of my favorite comic books was “Power Man & Iron Fist.” You put the two of them together and it’s fun to see the types play off each other. That’s what it’s like with Skaar and Banner.

Click here to read the whole thing — and view more gorgeous preview art!

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