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CBR interviews Greg Pak about “War Machine” #5 and #6

“War Machine” writer Greg Pak drops a lot of hints about what’s coming up next for Jim Rhodes in an interview with Comic Book Resources. Here’s an excerpt:

“War Machine” #6 kicks off the series’ second arc, a story called “Homeland.” “It’s the highest stakes fight of Rhodey’s life, and the worst nightmare a patriotic soldier could find himself in,” Pak said. “We’re talking Rhodey versus the United States of America. Or, to coin a phrase, World War War Machine? Rhodey’s discovered that the greatest threat to the safety of millions has found safe haven right here at home. But before he hits his target, he’ll have to face Jason Strongbow, a.k.a. American Eagle. And, possibly even more terrifying, his own mother. That’s right, Mother Rhodes plays a huge role starting with issue #6, and she’s awesome.”

Click here to read the whole thing!
And pick up “War Machine” #5 at your local comic shop on April 29.

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