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Centaur-Me Portraits!

By Greg Pak
Rumor has it that I’m about to start writing an internet column entitled “Centaur Corner.” So this morning I issued a challenge on Twitter for folks do draw a better Centaur-Me than the image at the right. And man, oh, man, have folks risen to the challenge! Check out these amazing images and follow the artists on the Twitter!
(And if you want to play, post your image somewhere and ping me with the link on Twitter! I’ll update this page as more images come in.)

Jeans Jacket Centaur from the amazing Stephen Morrow. Follow Stephen on Twitter and visit his website.

Tighty-whities wearing Centaur from “Incredible Hercules” and “Savage She-Hulks” artist Ryan Stegman. Follow Ryan on Twitter and visit his website.
Alex Rodriguez vs @gregpak in the Centaur Civil War on Twitpic
Alex Rodriguez vs Greg Pak in the Centaur Civil War from Caesar McMagic. Follow Caesar on Twitter.

Pak Man Productions Logo Wearing Centaur from the awesome Ben Holliday. Follow Ben on Twitter and visit his website.

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