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Comic Book Resources interviews Greg Pak

Robert Taylor has interviewed writer Greg Pak for the “Reflections” column at Comic Book Resources. The interview covers all of Pak’s current books, including “Incredible Hercules,” “Skaar,” “Magneto: Testament,” and “War Machine.” Here’s an excerpt about “Skaar”:

How much has the character evolved from your first idea of him back when you created him in “World War Hulk?”
From the beginning, I knew that Skaar would be born in fire and raised by monsters before heading out into a savage world where society and government have been swept away by cataclysm and war. That’s all stayed the same—as have the big themes of exploring what heroism means in a world gone mad. But there are some elements of Skaar’s look and personality that have evolved. Originally, I envisioned the adult Skaar roaming the deserts wearing a metal faceplate. Joe pretty reasonably pointed out that we might be able to identify with the character more if we could see his face. At one point, I’d also toyed with the idea of Skaar as a more spiritual, mystic figure—someone who is consciously on a sort of dreamquest. But as we developed the book, I realized the richer dynamic would be for the people around Skaar to be pushing him on that dreamquest—while the savage Son of Hulk himself might have totally different motivations for doing what he does.

Click here to read the full interview, which also includes six page previews of “Incredible Hercules” #122 and “Skaar: Son of Hulk” #4, both of which hit comic book stores tomorrow.

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