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Comics pros please read: Shameless “Red Skull Incarnate” promotion!

By Greg Pak
I told you last month how proud I am of “Red Skull Incarnate,” a historically accurate comic book miniseries that tells the story of a boy who becomes a monster as Weimar Germany collapses and the Nazis seize power.
I also intimated I’d promote the book shamelessly. Well, the collected trade paperback came out today, and I’ve come up with a crazy idea to get this book into the hands of some more people and maybe raise some money for charity at the same time.
Cover artist David Aja, interior artist Mirko Colak, colorist Matt Wilson, letterer Clayton Cowles, and editor Alejandro Arbona did incredibly amazing work on this book, and I’d love for them to have a shot at various upcoming comics industry awards.
So if you’re a comics professional who hasn’t read the book but plans to vote for awards like the Harveys and Eagles, please email me at vm at pakbuzz dot com . I will send a bunch of trade paperbacks of “Red Skull Incarnate” out into the world (alas, US mailing addresses only), each with a bundle of stamped envelopes. So you can read the book, then use one of the envelopes to mail it to another industry friend you think might enjoy it. And so on and so on.
Finally, I’ll include a blank comic book backing board in the packet. Everyone who reads the book is encouraged to sign the backing board — and do a quick sketch, if you’re so inclined. The last envelope will be addressed to me. When I get the book and signed card back, I’ll auction them off on eBay with the proceeds going to a charity like Doctors Without Borders.
Sounds crazy, huh? That’s because it is! Let’s see if it works!
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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