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Comixtreme raves about “Magneto Testament” #4

Adam Chapman at Comixtreme has posted a rave review of “Magneto Testament” #4, written by Greg Pak with art by Carmine DiGiandomenico. Here’s an excerpt:

Pak has done an absolutely brilliant job on this mini-series. It is so obviously crafted with such loving care, not to mention an enormous amount of careful research. It is perhaps the best writing I’ve ever seen from him, and I hold in high esteem a bunch of his works. But this is just something else entirely.
The artwork by Di Giandomenico is breathtaking. It immerses you in the story so wholly and fully, makes you believe what you’re seeing on the page, makes you feel all of the emotion that he puts on every face. Exquisite work. I love his pencils, ever since discovering his work on Battlin’ Jack Murdock. He was the main reason I started reading this book, I will follow him anywhere. A brilliant penciller who is deserving of the highest accolades.
An excellent read, yet again. Pick up this entire series, and you won’t be disappointed. An amazing read, from the moment you open the cover. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!

Click here to read the whole thing.

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