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Cosmic Book News interviews Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente about “Chaos War”

Cosmic Book News has posted an interview with Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente about their “Chaos War” event book, which begins in October. Here’s an excerpt about the “Incredible Hulks” tie-in to “Chaos War”:

The family of Hulks will be wrapping their own cosmic battle up with Hiro-Kala in “Dark Son” when they find themselves involved in the Chaos War. Will we be seeing a lot of “Hulk Smashing?”
GP: Absolutely. Who better than a family of Hulks to throw at a bunch of insane demons and gods? The Hulks will be fighting the critical second front in the Chaos War against the kind of enemies only the strongest ones there are have a prayer of defeating. Get ready for some mind-bendingly Marvelicious abstract entity exploration as well as a wrenching emotional rollercoaster as the fight gets more personal and brutal than the Hulks ever anticipated.

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