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Dynamic Forces interviews Greg Pak

Toney Tapia of Dynamic Forces has interviewed Greg Pak about his comics work. Here’s a taste:

TT: So you’re an award winning director and a writer for comics! Which do you find to be a little more tough to work on?
Writing for comics is actually more demanding than writing for film. In a screenplay, I’d never go into minute detail about set design or framing or camera movement. Those are details that may be implied in a screenplay, but they’re hammered out in preproduction or on set in hands-on work between the director, the creative crew, and the cast. But in comics, much of the direction needs to happen at the script stage. So my comic scripts tend to be much more dense than my screenplays, with detailed, panel-by-panel descriptions of everything on the page.
But “directing” a comic book is admittedly less stressful than directing a film. Both undertakings require the marshalling of physical and creative resources. But making films has required me to do everything from help build a robot, dodge thunderstorms, ride cross country on a snow machine, and herd mice. Compared to that, making comics is positively civilized.

Click here to read the full interview.

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