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Feedback on this bookplate design?

UPDATE: Based on awesome advice from Alex De Campi on Twitter, I turned the black ink red. Here’s the latest:


Hey, friends. I’m making a bookplate sticker that I can sign and mail to readers. And here’s the latest design. I’ve gone with a sketchy, handmade feel. With this version, I’ve added a parchment-like background.

I’m pretty pleased with it and close to placing the order, but this being the internet, I figured I’d toss it out there and see if y’all had any thoughts/comments. Thanks much!


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  • Osvaldo Padilla

    The red is a great improvement.

    I’ve never heard of a “bookplate sticker.” Can you tell me what it is and its uses? Can I put it on the bumper of my Volkswagen Thing? Will it be legible to those stuck behind me in traffic? If I hang it above the stove, will it prevent flies from buzzing about my dining room while also serving as a conversation piece during casual dinners — ‘Hey, who’s Greg Pak, and why did he autograph a piece of fly -paper?’

    Seriously, what are the dimensions on these things? Do you slap them on the front of one of your books? You’ll use them to write personal thank you notes to fans or just a signature? At any rate, very cool.

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