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Fighting Grandpa

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Fighting Grandpa

A Student Academy Award winning short documentary directed by Greg Pak

1998, 21 minutes, color. A young filmmaker talks with three generations of his extended family as he searches for evidence of love between his immigrant Korean grandparents.

Combining original verite and interview material with Super 8 home movies, old family photos, and historical footage, “Fighting Grandpa” tells the story of a Korean American grandmother’s seventy year struggle with her husband. Forced to give up her dreams of becoming a nurse, left with four children for ten years alone in Korea while her husband studied in America, and finally brought to Hawaii to endure new hardships, Grandma might have every right to be bitter. But as the filmmaker discovers, questions of love have no simple answers.

By delving into the suppressed conflicts and contradictions at the heart of many immigrant family histories, “Fighting Grandpa” allows a glimpse of how a previous generation, bound by tradition and culture, built a complex, ambiguous love that their grandchildren can only barely comprehend.

Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer, Producer: Greg Pak
Location Sound: Keiko Ibi, Hiroki Naoyoshi, Laurie Wen
Music: Rick Knutsen
Super 8 Footage: Jane Pak
Post Sound Mixer: Abayomi Jinadu
Optical Printing: Greg Pak & Greg Woodbury
Fiscal Sponsorship: New York Foundation for the Arts

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