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Five top five slots for “Incredible Hulk” #110 at

All five of the reviewers at have added “Incredible Hulk” #110, written by Greg Pak, to their top five lists. From Randy Lauer’s comments:

Pak addresses the notion of whether or not Hulk is a killer in the midst of World War Hulk, and makes it more than just a continuity implant, but instead a great story as well, driven by the character Amadeus Cho, who I’d really like to see more of. Best Hulk issue in quite a long time, in my opinion.

From Nick Budd’s comments:

Pak has actually become one of my favorite writers right now. He gets the Hulk and his explanation as to why the Hulk has never killed before is fantastic. Honestly, I want him to stick with the book for as long as possible. Years if at all possible.

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