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Greg Pak on what’s coming up for Jim Rhodes in “War Machine” has posted a new interview with writer Greg Pak about his “War Machine” series. Here’s an excerpt:

At the center of that question stands James Rhodes, the man in the high tech armor. How he copes with his actions promises to be a driving force in the title as it moves forward.
“There’s a major emotional and dramatic story arc for Jim Rhodes over the course of the first 12 issues or so that will become clearer as we move along,” Pak reveals. “On an individual level, we’re exploring what it means to be a soldier and the terrible price that’s often exacted from those who serve.”
Ares, the God of War offers a contrast to this sober perspective as Rhodes’ co-star in the first arc of WAR MACHINE. As opposed to War Machine, who seems to struggle with his conscience, Ares embraces his actions wholeheartedly. Pak, however, sees their relationship as a bit more complicated than simple opposites.
“Ares is a big blowhard, which means he can be entertainingly over the top, which is a blast when you’re telling a super powered action story,” the writers explains. “But at the same time, Ares has unplumbed depths related to his mythological past and his role as the God of War. In WAR MACHINE I’ve loved having the chance to explore the reasons Ares might be interested in Rhodey. One of my favorite pages in WAR MACHINE #4 includes a few panels the brilliant Leonardo Manco drew of Ares just staring out over the desert, then looking back at us in a moment of stillness. The chance to show Ares in a moment of honest reflection with a fellow warrior was something pretty special.”

Click here to read the whole thing.

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