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Greg Pak talks “Savage World of Sakaar”

Comic Book Resources has interviewed Greg Pak about the “Savage World of Sakaar” one shot that hits comic book stores on September 24. Here’s an excerpt:

“Savage World of Sakaar” is both an anthology and a single story that ties into the larger mythology of Sakaar. “There’s an overall story that fits right into the continuity between ‘Skaar’ #3 and #4. And there are a number of other stories throughout the book that reveal critical bits of history from the lives of several of our key characters.” Pak stated. “I’m pretty darn proud of the book — it might just be the best Skaar script I’ve written thus far. And it’s absolutely chock full of key character moments for our principals and little nuggets and hints about what’s to come.”

Click here to read the whole article and view the amazing preview art from Carlo Pagulayan, Tim Green II, Gabriel Hardman, and Tim Truman — then tell your local comic shop to hold you a copy today!

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