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iFanboy interviews Greg Pak about “X-Treme X-Men”

Aaaand here’s another one! This time from Ron Richards at iFanboy. The takeaway: yes, the book is new reader friendly, so come on in!
“X-Treme X-Men” #1 hits comic shops on July 25. Ask your local retailer to order a copy for you today!
Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

iFanboy It’s been revealed that X-Treme X-Men will span alternate universes. What will the balance be between new alternate universes and established ones be? Will we be visiting any familiar settings that fans can get excited to get glimpses of again?
Greg Pak: It’s an infinite universe, so we’re going to start off by exploring brand new worlds. We also want the book to be very new-reader friendly — so don’t worry if you’ve never read an alternate-reality story before. You don’t need to have encylopedic knowledge of anything to dive in and have fun. That being said, there are a slew of revelatory and exciting things going on for long-time X-Men and Marvel Universe fans to dig their teeth into. Dontcha dare miss it!
iF: When we last spoke about this, you said you’ve been having fun writing Dazzler – now that a few months have passed, are you still loving the Dazzler? What is it about her that’s so appealing and why do you think she’s been languishing in obscurity for so long?
GP: Oh, man, my love for Dazzler grows with every issue. She’s a blast to write because she’s got a great, self-deprecating sense of humor, but at the same time she wears her heart on her sleeve and says out loud almost everything that runs through her head. That’s an enormously fun kind of character to write, particularly when you contrast her with a stoic-type like Howlett or a slightly shady figure like Emmeline Summers-Frost.
Dazzler’s also a great character for a super-hero book because she’s one of those Marvel characters with an incredibly well-defined and important civilian life and identity. She’s a singer, a pop star, with everyday drama and pressures and relationships. I love having those kinds of characters in superhero books — they can be incredibly relatable and their civilian lives and relationships raise the emotional stakes enormously for all the wild superhero hijinks.

Read the whole thing here.

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