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IGN loves “Incredible Hulk” #107 and Amadeus Cho

“Incredible Hulk” #107, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Gary Frank, has nabbed two “Must Read” ratings from the review crew at IGN. The book continues the tale of boy genius Amadeus Cho’s quest to assemble a team of heroes crazy enough to take the Hulk’s side during World War Hulk. Here’s an excerpt from the reviews:

I love Amadeus Cho. He’s one of the best new characters in the industry. I know many of you might scoff at that claim, but read this issue and tell me Cho doesn’t make this issue gold. His chemistry with the team is fantastic. Pak portrays him with the proper level of youthful exuberance. You can see how it would be easy to mistake this teen for any other until he executes his devious plans. Best of all, Cho doesn’t care to take credit for his intellect – he’s casual about it, simply utilizing it like we might a credit card. This book has proven its worth to me for this event.

Click here for the full reviews.

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