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IGN talks with Greg Pak about “War Machine”

IGN has interviewed Greg Pak about his upcoming “War Machine” ongoing. Here’s an excerpt:

IGN Comics: Besides his increased publicity with the movie, what do you feel justifies giving War Machine his own solo book again?
Pak: The 30-year anniversary of Jim Rhodes’s first appearance is coming up next year, so there’s a nifty commemorative reason right there. And there’s the simple fact that Rhodey’s one of Marvel’s greatest supporting characters of all time. But most importantly, editor Bill Rosemann had a brilliant pitch for a new War Machine storyline that filled a niche in the Marvel Universe and provided a totally consistent yet shocking next step for the character.
War Machine has become a one-man army with the self-assigned mandate to take on dictators, monsters, and madmen across the globe who up until now have committed unspeakable atrocities with almost total impunity. That’s an incredible set up for insane action with political and social subtext. And it’s a great milieu for exploring and challenging the core motivations of Jim Rhodes, who developed an enduring commitment to sticking up for the underdog as a bullied kid on the mean streets of South Philly and willingness to use force as a military man and as the armored hero known as War Machine.

Click here to read the whole thing.

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