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Princess Who Saved Herself | Ronin Island | Darth Vader | Hulk | Please consider donating to writer Bill Mantlo's ongoing care! interviews Pak about “Skaar” has posted an interview with writer Greg Pak about his new series, “Skaar: Son of Hulk.” An excerpt:

IH:EOD: What is the basic concept behind the series and what are you trying to accomplish?
GP: It’s a way to explore this fantasy of savagery that’s been part of genre fiction since day one. Maybe the more civilized our daily lives become, the more compelled we are by action movies, westerns, gangster flicks, and swords-and-sorcery epics — and the Hulk, natch! We’re constantly frustrated and angered by stupid, unjust things in our daily lives. But we’re civilized people; we can’t smash. But the Hulk can. So we vicariously enjoy the righteous mayhem he creates. “Skaar” lets us take that a step further with an even more savage protagonist and world — both exploring and challenging this notion of the savage hero.
IH:EOD: So will we be seeing any familiar faces from the Planet Hulk storyline? Did you create some new creatures or adversaries?
GP: Readers of “Planet Hulk” will be richly rewarded — almost every new character has some pretty nifty ties to the characters and history we introduced in “Planet Hulk.” We’re deepening and expanding the world in some pretty cool ways.
The most important new character in issue #1 is our big villain, a former Imperial general known as Axeman Bone. When Ron Garney’s first Axeman pencils came in, I had to sit down and catch my breath. I want the action figure NOW.

Click here to read the whole thing.
“Skaar” #1 hits comic book stores on June 11. Tell your local retailer to order a copy for you today!

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