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Princess Who Saved Herself | Ronin Island | Darth Vader | Hulk | Please consider donating to writer Bill Mantlo's ongoing care! interviews Pak about “The List: Hulk”’s Kevin Mahadeo has interviewed writer Greg Pak about his upcoming “The List: Hulk” one shot. Here’s an excerpt: We all know that the madder Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets. What levels of anger can we expect to see here: punch a car Hulk or break the moon Hulk?
Greg Pak: I’ll just say that this will be a real contest and Norman’s side ain’t going down without a fight, no matter how much gamma-powered anger they face. I’ll also say this won’t be a face-saving super hero showdown in which both sides come off smelling like roses. This is a dirty, brutal fight with a real winner and a real loser. Does Norman have a game plan for battling the Hulk? It’s safe to assume going head-on is a bad strategy.
Greg Pak: Norman’s pulling in a ringer who has a history with the Hulk and a unique skill set for getting inside the big green’s head. And no, it isn’t Doc Samson. Norman’s ally is considerably prettier, for one.

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