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Princess Who Saved Herself | Ronin Island | Darth Vader | Hulk | Please consider donating to writer Bill Mantlo's ongoing care! interviews Pak and Fraction

Kiel Phegley has interviewed “War Machine” writer Greg Pak and “Iron Man” writer Matt Fraction about their respective books for Here’s an excerpt: One thing that the two books seem to share is the idea that since both Iron Man and War Machine were always together for 20 years at least, now that they’re apart they’re each developing a new supporting cast. How do those new players help you develop your characters and story line in the absence of that best friend?
Matt Fraction: For me, it’s all about Mariah Hill, who I think [writer Brian] Bendis and I may be the only two people working in the Marvel Universe who like her. I’ve been very fond of Mariah Hill, and with Rhodey gone, I asked Brian, “Do you have plans for Hill?” and he said, “No. Do you want her? And I said, “Absolutely I do.” Then we both went, “Yaaaaaay!” which is sad but true. So Hill has filled the Rhodey-shaped hole in my book, but I’ve had the added advantage of having them sleep together, which Tony and Rhodey wouldn’t get into unfortunately. So I’ve lost a Rhodey, but I’ve gained a love interest—or at least a sex interest.
Greg Pak: [Laughs] People always talk about continuity being a bear to work with, and it can kind of drive you crazy with characters who have 40 or 50-year histories. But the awesome thing about continuity is that, like with the history of Rhodey, it’s like a real human being, and we all have great, strange little things going on in our pasts. And any new story may tap into those old stories in ways that illuminate things in a whole new way. In terms of Rhodey and his supporting cast, I’d always been struck by a few characters including Parnell Jacobs who is an arms dealer who is also one of Rhodey’s oldest friends. I think he was the very oldest friend that had ever been revealed. Actually, Parnell’s wife Glenda Sandoval may be Rhodey’s oldest friend because he knew her even before he knew Parnell. These are characters who appear in just a few issues, but they were so interesting to me because Parnell was a great foil for Rhodey since they both came from the same military background, but Parnell went one direction and Rhodey went another. Parnell became a mercenary and an arms dealer, but at one point Rhodey walked away from that life as he didn’t approve of the moral choices Parnell was making. Parnell was a great character to bring back because Rhodey was going down a much more morally dangerous road, and if Parnell thinks something is crazy…boy, it’s got to be really crazy.

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