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Marvel interviews creators about their favorite Hulk stories has interviewed a slew of creators about their favorite Hulk stories, and “Planet Hulk” writer Greg Pak has plugged Bill Mantlo’s “Crossroads” saga:

I’m a big sucker for Bill Mantlo’s “Crossroads” epic, in which Dr. Strange exiled the Green Goliath to an extra-dimensional nexus of portals in hopes that the Hulk might find a place where he could finally be happy. What ensued was a series of almost “Twilight Zone”-ish fables, eerie little stories in which the Hulk found himself in a variety of dangerous new worlds in which his rage and power played out in surprising new ways. Fred Van Lente and I had a great writing a brand new Crossroads story with our HULK VS HERCULES one-shot, which is part of the INCREDIBLE HERCULES: AGAINST THE WORLD hardcover that just hit comic book stores Wednesday.

Click here to read the whole thing. And then visit Wowio and download David Yurkovich’s “Mantlo: A Life in Comics”. It’s completely free to you, but every time the book is downloaded, Wowio makes a donation towards the ongoing care of Mantlo, who suffered traumatic brain injury in the 1990s. So make with the clicking, True Believers!

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