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Marvel interviews Greg Pak about “War Machine” #9 has interviewed writer Greg Pak about “War Machine” #9, which features the beginning of a final showdown between James Rhodes and Norman Osborn and hits stores on September 16. Here’s an excerpt:

“Norman’s always playing multiple hands [and] only he knows if he sees Ultimo and Rhodey himself as tools or threats,” Pak notes. “But all will revealed over the course of issues #9 and #10. And Norman may find himself playing a very specific role that he absolutely didn’t anticipate. The Rhodey/Norman showdown will be a massive fight with life-changing consequences. Only one armored hero will be standing at the end of this one.”
Given the number of unforeseen obstacles that Rhodey has had to deal with in the last few issues, it might seem as if very little has gone according to any type of plan. But looks can also deceive, according to Pak.
“Rhodey’s all about adaptation these days,” reminds the writer. “His primary power is the ability to assimilate any new technology he comes into contact with. So he’s well equipped to adjust to changing circumstances. But Rhodey absolutely has a master plan and a huge endgame, all of which will be revealed in issue #10. I’ll just say that Ultimo isn’t the only reason he came back to the United States.”

Click here for the whole interview.

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