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More raves for “Dead Man’s Run” #0

“Dead Man’s Run” #0, written by Greg Pak with art by Tony Parker, picks up some more rave reviews. Check ’em out, and ask your local retailer to hold a copy for you today! The book hits stores on October 26.

“Supernatural overtones, check. Fascinating, if slightly goofy, high concept? Check. Terrifically fitting, “Twilight Zone”-type ending for this prelude? Check. A killer creative team to propel us along this insane journey? You bet.”
Gary M. Miller, Delusional Honesty
“…it’s clear that Pak and Parker will be bringing us a story with immense depth of character, an incredibly stylized take on the traditional jailbreak narrative and absolutely gorgeous art. All of that combined makes this book one to watch in 2012!”
— Joshua Mocle, Multiversity Comics
“There is so much promise in this issue alone that I cannot contain my excitement for what is to come!”
— Cassandra Rose, Daily Blam
“Dead Man’s Run is setting up to be the ultimate in prison break serialized fiction. Issue 0 builds the Hellish prison as a character in the story like Captain Romero or Sam Tinker. Pak sets the stage of the ongoing series by introducing interesting characters and an intriguing mystery to keep you hooked. Parker’s art is beautiful and highly detailed which gives the story its gravitas and instantly makes the world recognizable. ”
== David Suiter, LA Examiner
“I haven’t been so excited to have a mystery to dissect since first season of Lost.”
Team Hellions
“I think this book is rife with possibilities, and will certainly be plunking down the dough for it.”
The Mean Geek
“Parker’s art, with amazing color from Peter Steigerwald, really jumps off the page. The smoke, the fire, the shadows; Hell has been crisply translated to the page.”
Comic Book Informer
“…one hell of a story.”
Comic Bastards

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