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Myspace comics previews “War Machine” #7

Myspace Comics has posted an exclusive six page preview of “War Machine” #7, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Allan Jefferson, Mahmud Asrar, and RB Silva. From the blurbage:

Writer Greg Pak teased, “For the past six months, James Rhodes, aka War Machine, has used his new cyborg body and weapons-assimiliating powers to plow through monsters and madmen in overseas hellholes from Santo Marco to Occupied Aqiria. In issue #7, Rhodey brings the fight to American soil. Get ready for major character revelations and massive action as we finally reveal the circumstances of Rhodey’s life-changing injuries that led to his current cyborg form, throw Rhodey into battle against his deadliest enemy, and reveal a shocking new adversary no one’s gonna see coming!”

Check it out here.
“War Machine” #7 hits comic book stores everywhere on June 17.

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