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Newsarama and CBR interview Greg Pak about “The List: Hulk”

At Wizard World Philly, Marvel announced that Greg Pak will be writing a special one-shot entitled “The List: Hulk,” penciled by Ben Oliver. Here’s an excerpt from the Comic Book Resources article:

“I’ve had the good fortune to use Norman [Osborn] as a major supporting character in both ‘War Machine’ and the ‘Planet Skaar Prologue,'” Pak explained of his one-shot story of the Hulk with artist Ben Oliver. “Norman’s involvement in ‘The List: Hulk’ absolutely picks up on some threads from the ‘Planet Skaar Prologue.’ So folks who have been following that story will get some sweet payoffs. But new readers should have no problem picking up and enjoying the heck out of ‘The List: Hulk.’ Incidentally, fans of Norman definitely won’t want to miss his final showdown with James Rhodes in “War Machine” #9 and #10, coming in August and September.”

And here’s part of the Newsarama interview:

Newsarama: Greg, you’ve got your fingers on many of the various pulses around the Hulk’s universe. Aside from his use in Mighty Avengers, he’s been pretty much left out of Dark Reign. Why is that?
Greg Pak: There are basically three Hulks running around at the moment, and each has had a pretty full dance card up ’til now. But now that Skaar’s hit Planet Earth and we’re about to get two ongoing Hulk books — Jeph Loeb’s Hulk and my own Incredible Hulk — it’s time for the gamma boys to interact more directly with the Marvel Universe proper. There’s some stuff around the place that could do with some smashing, dontcha think?
NRAMA: Sounds like it is. So what happens in The List – Hulk to change that?
Norman messes with a friend of the Hulk. Banner picks a fight. And then all hell breaks loose.

Click here to read the whole thing.

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