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Newsarama interviews Pak and Van Lente on “Hulk Versus Hercules”

Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente are co-writing a one-shot for Marvel Comics entitled “Hulk Versus Hercules: When Titans Clash” — and Newsarama has the scoop! Here’s an excerpt:

GP: Part of the story ties directly into Incredible Hercules #116 and sets up some themes and elements of the “Sacred Invasion” crossover which will follow in Incredible Hercules #117 to #120. And part of the story fits right into a classic Bill Mantlo “Incredible Hulk” tale from the 1980s. I’ll say no more, other than to plug the thrilling fact that you’ll see the Hulk as he hasn’t been seen for a long, long time, and it will be awesome.
FVL: One of the things that people seem to be reacting really positively to in the pages of Incredible Hercules is how we’ve brought Greek mythology into the modern-day Marvel universe, and here we’re kind of doing the same thing, but in reverse.
Let’s just say Olympus is gong to need a new interior decorator. Damn quick.

Click here for the full interview.

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