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Pak Talks Comics: Interview with David “Get Your War On” Rees!

In the latest “Pak Talks Comics,” Greg Pak interviews David Rees, the creator of the brilliant, angry, harrowing, and hilarious “Get Your War On” comic strip and web video series. As an extra bonus, the interview includes four BRAND NEW GYWO COMIC STRIPS! Click here to check it out. And here’s an excerpt:

GP: You once promised to stop making “Get Your War On” comics when Bush leaves office. Is that still the plan? If so, what’s next for you?
DR: Just this morning I realized I have no post-GYWO plan, and that maybe this isn’t the best time to quit the one career I’ve ever had — seeing as how the entire financial system is collapsing and soon we’ll all be subsisting on a diet of roadkill and dryer lint. But for now, yes, I look forward to quitting GYWO when Bush leaves office. Maybe I can get a job burning books in his presidential library.
GP: You’ve been traveling like a madman to promote your new book. Any advice for other independent writers/artists for setting up and conducting a good book tour?
DR: Cultivate a desire to sleep on sofas. If you can’t manage that, write a huge bestseller, so you can stay in hotels while on tour.
GP: What are the best experience and worst experiences you’ve had while on the road with the book?
DR: Best experience: Meeting people and making friends!
Worst experience: Pegging my self-esteem to audience size at readings. THIS IS A DANGEROUS GAME.

Click here to visit the GYWO website and click here to buy “Get Your War On: The Definitive Account of the War On Terror, 2001-2008.

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