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Pak Talks Comics: Reader Q&A and Ann Marie Fleming interview

The latest “Pak Talks Comics” column has hit This week’s installment features Reader Q&A and an interview with Ann Marie Fleming, a filmmaker who recently turned her documentary, “The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam,” into a graphic novel. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

GP: The book uses photographs, archival material, your own cartoons, and sequential art by Julian Lawrence. Tell us about the challenges in adapting this particular story to comics and how you made your decisions about how to tell the story.
AMF: I was really intimidated, and didn’t know how to begin to make this into a comic. I am a huge fan of indie comics, graphic novels and have such respect for the artistry of people in the field. It was like, I was stuck. I took a page (sic) out of the world of ‘zines… which said “collage is okay”.
After all, it had worked for the film, and I think was a good parallel expression to the nature of Long Tack Sam’s act and life. I used so many different media and techniques because I did not have any film of Long Tack Sam’s act, and it turned out that the scrapbook nature was perfect for my subject… which really is finding a life.

Click here to read the whole column. And click here to submit your questions for the next Reader Q&A.

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