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Phillyist dubs “World War Hulk” the number one comic book of 2007 has named “World War Hulk,” written by Greg Pak with pencils by John Romita, Jr., the top comic book of 2007. An excerpt:

… this story also examines what it means to be a hero, the plight of the average person when a war or natural disaster destroys his/her home (echoes of Katrina and 9/11 – especially given that the home in question is New York), or when his/her home is invaded and occupied by an outside force (echoes of Iraq). It talks about concepts like sacrifice, the misuse of power, self-destructive cycles of revenge, knowing and embracing your true self. All while big guys are hitting each other as hard as they can. You’ll cheer, you’ll laugh, and you might even shed a tear at the end. Pretty impressive for a pile of funny books.

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