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“Po Mo Knock Knock” festivals and screenings

Festivals and Screenings
2001 San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival
2001 East Bay Gay Asian Film Fest, Berkeley, CA
2000 Cricket Moon Cinema, Zeitgeist Bar, San Francisco
2000 Firewater Films Screening Series, NYC
2000 Arizona International Film Festival, Tucson
2000 Turin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
2000 American Short Shorts Film Festival, Japan
2000 London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
1999 AmerAsia Int’l Film & Video Festival, Montreal, Quebec
1999 Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival
1999 Hi/Lo Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
1999 Ohio Independent Film Festival, Cleveland, OH
1999 Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival
1999 Freaky Film Festival, Urbana, IL
1999 Mix NYC Film Festival
1999 Cinema Lounge, IFP West, Los Angeles, CA
1999 Rhode Island International Film Festival
1999 Cape May Film Festival
1999 Marin County National Festival of Short Films
1999 San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
1999 Florida Film Festival
1999 San Francisco International Film Festival
1999 Athens International Film Festival, Athens, OH
1999 Atlanta Film and Video Festival
1999 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival
1999 New Filmmakers screening series at the Anthology Film Archives, NYC
1999 PS 99 Film Festival, NYC
1999 Video Lounge at the Knitting Factory, New York, NY
1999 Film Fest New Haven, New Haven, CT
1999 Carolina Film & Video Festival, Greensboro, NC
1999 Cinequest San Jose Film Festival, San Jose, CA
1999 Ocularis Screening Series, Brooklyn, NY
1998 New York Expo, NYC
1998 New York Expo Screenings at the North Carolina School for the Arts
1998 Austin Heart of Film Festival
1998 Louisville Film & Video Festival, KY
1998 Carolines Funny Shorts Film Festival, New York, NY
1998 CinemaTexas Film Festival, Austin, TX

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