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Rave reviews for “Dead Man’s Run” #1

“… great writing and fantastic art. Will Sam make it out of Hell? I have no idea, but I’m hooked on this book until I find out and that’s why its so damn good.”
Comic Bastards
“Dead Man’s Run” #1, a jailbreak from Hell story written by Greg Pak with art by Tony Parker, hit stores Wednesday and has scored a slew of rave reviews. A few excerpts:

“‘Dead Man’s Run’ is a strangely fun comic. It’s easy to be swept up and away in the rushing narrative of a hellbound heist looking to change direction.”
— Ryan Lindsay, Comic Book Resources
“It’s a clever concept and the series opens with quite a bang.”
— Brian Cronin, Comics Should Be Good
“That’s what I call a great start!”
Chuck’s Comic of the Day
“Pak has pictured the land of eternal damnation as a giant prison, which is a brilliant idea. That in and of itself would make this comic worth reading. But Pak adds to the idea, by showing that it’s a prison rife with corruption and problems, where anyone who gets there can use their evil nature to survive, and perhaps even thrive.”
Panel Patter
“I would very much enjoy seeing the property eventually hit the screen.”
Ain’t It Cool News
“I have to say that I really find the idea of Hell – or at least the tip of that particular flaming iceberg – as a processing facility for the dead and guilty to be a very interesting concept and it allows Pak to play with and warp the general tropes associated with prison thrillers to fit the themes of judgement and punishment that are associated with the underworld. There are the threatening grins, the concealed shivs and knives associated with many works of fiction surrounding incarceration but also the involvement of demon-like guards and the feeding upon souls that you’ll find in horror works and Pak brings it all together brilliantly.”
Paradox Comics Group
“Greg Pak does a great job of creating an atmosphere full of danger and violence without ever depleting the mystery of where the story is going. Tony Parker’s artwork is sweet on the eyes, vibrant and edgy.”
Nerds in Babeland
“I am so excited to see where Pak is going with this.”
Alternative Mindz

Ask your local comics shop to hold a copy for you today!

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