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“Red Skull Incarnate” on sale TODAY ONLY for 99¢ an issue at Comixology!


“Red Skull Incarnate,” a comic book miniseries written by yours truly with art by Mirko Colak, is on sale digitally at Comixology for just 99¢ an issue, today only!

“Red Skull Incarnate” tells the origin story of Marvel’s most evil villain, following an orphan as he struggles to survive and dominate during the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazis. The book’s gorgeous and disturbing covers were drawn by David Aja. Colors are by Matt Wilson and letters by Clayton Cowles. Alejandro Arbona edited.

“Red Skull Incarnate is a thorough psychological portrait that savagely avoids cliche. Pak never makes the easy choices in his storytelling, and each major turning point is delivered in unexpected ways. The ending, which everybody knows is coming, is still surprising, fulfilling, and even more ominous than foreknowledge prepares us for, and the characterization is on another level entirely. Watching Johann transform from an orphan boy into a powerful sociopath is seriously engaging, and Pak performs these feats without making excuses for Johann, and without making him unsympathetic. It might be Pak’s most skillful work to date.”

— John Parker, ComicsAlliance

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