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Steven G. Saunders of has interviewed Greg Pak, writer of the “Battlestar Galactica” comic book series from Dynamite. An excerpt:

SGS: Who have been your favorite characters to write?
GP: I love writing Adama. Somehow his less-is-more terseness appeals to me. I particularly like writing his scenes with Roslin — there’s a quiet but wary understanding between them that lends itself to fun, subtle moments.
SGS: For those unfamiliar with this title, are there new characters in the Battlestar Galactica comic; and if there are, do any have pivotal roles?
GP: Our biggest “new” character is Zak, Adama’s dead son and Starbuck’s dead lover. Zak was introduced in the television miniseries and has a few big flashback scenes in the first season. But we brought him back in the flesh for the comic book series — but is it the real Zak, or a twisted Cylon trick?
SGS: Are there things with the Cylons that will be explored that haven’t been in the show?
GP: You bet. Issues #4-8 give us some glimpses into the “lives” of the original Cylon Centurions. And Issues #6-12 will explore the psyche of the Sharon Cylon in a major way.

Click here for the full article, which includes interviews with Rick Remender and Brandon Jerwa, writers of Dynamite’s Classic Battlestar Galactica and Zarek comics, respectively, and Joe Rybant, Dynamite’s Director of Marketing.

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