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Submit a letter-to-the-editor TODAY, get free advance copy of “Vision Machine” #2

Issue #2 of “Vision Machine,” Greg Pak’s newest sci fi comic book series, will be released online next week. But here’s your chance to get a special advance PDF of the book THIS week!
All you have to do is send a letter-to-the-editor TODAY to vm at pakbuzz dot com — include “OKAY TO PRINT” in the email to allow us to publish the letter in “Vision Machine” #2.
To read the first issue of “Vision Machine,” visit or
A few press clips:

“Pak is absolutely on fire here… Meanwhile, RB Silva is creating some of the most intricate and well rounded art of his career.”
“Somewhere on the cynicism scale between Warren Ellis and Cory Doctorow, Greg Pak creates a story that makes you reexamine your iPhones and Twitter feeds, wondering, just whose future are they truly benefiting?”
“Book of the Week” honors from Awesomed By Comics – “Vision Machine” discussion begins around 1:05:40
Awesomed By Comics
Big interview with Comics Alliance about the book’s Creative Commons distribution license and giving it away for free.

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