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Thanks, CBR readers, for naming “Magneto Testament” one of the 50 best X-Men stories of all time!


“Magneto Testament,” a miniseries telling the story of Max Eisenhardt, a German Jewish boy struggling to save his family from the rise of the Nazis and the Final Solution, has been named one of the Greatest X-Family Stories of all time by readers of Comic Book Resources.

Check out the list here.

“Magneto Testament” was written by yours truly with art by Carmine Di Giandomenico, colors by Matt Hollingsworth, and letters by Dave and Natalie Lanphear, covers by Marko Djurdjevic, assistant edited by Alejandro Arbona, and edited by the great Warren Simons. Working on the book was one of the most intense experiences of my career and I’m hugely grateful to Warren for giving me the opportunity. Many thanks to CBR and all the readers who mentioned it.

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  • blab

    nothing to be proud of. the mini-series is badly written

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