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The Buy Pile loves “Incredible Hercules” #139

Comic Book Resources’ “Buy Pile” once again lauds “Incredible Hercules” with a rave for issue #139. Here’s an excerpt:

Between the action and the backstory there’s just enough going on for it to all meld together interestingly, thanks again to a well-balanced script from Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with creative and engaging artwork from Rodney Buchemi, Reilly Brown and Guillem Mari. Some things worth noting: Zeus and Quicksilver sharing a very fun moment, Amadeus using other people to do his will (“What the hell, kid?”) and an “amazing” line from Peter Parker (“I prefer to think of myself as an irreverent commentator on the mundane foibles of everyday existence. Like a Thurber or Keillor! Except I do it while kicking people in the face!”) that are all gems that help this issue shine.

Click here to read the whole thing.

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