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War Machine versus God of War! interviews Greg Pak

Marc Strom at has just interviewed writer Greg Pak about the Ares/War Machine battle that comes to a head in “War Machine” #3, which hits comic book stores on February 25. Here’s an excerpt:

“So far, we’ve seen Rhodey take out a repurposed Sentinel, survive a ground zero explosion of daisy cutter warheads, and deal with damage by immediately incorporating any surrounding machinery or weaponry into his armor,” lists Pak. “He has more firepower and adaptability than ever before, which might just let him survive a few rounds with mighty Ares.
“But Ares isn’t just the god of war—he’s the god of battlelust and slaughter. He loves to fight regardless of the reason. But Rhodey’s on the ground in occupied Aqiria to save his childhood friend Glenda Sandoval from certain death. In a typical super hero fight, the commitment that comes from that kind of mission would be a strength. But against an implacable immortal, it could just as easily become a vulnerability and weakness.”

Pak also drops some major teases about upcoming developments in “War Machine,” including:

“… keep an eye out for a certain petite Hong Kong native named Suzie Endo in issue #4 and Rhodey’s mom in issue #6,” warns Pak. “And yes, I just said ‘Rhodey’s mom.'”

“Don’t miss issue #4 for a much deeper look at the man underneath the War Machine armor—and to find out more about the childhood bond between Jim Rhodes and Glenda Sandoval.
“And for the next story arc, it’s easy for most of the Marvel Universe to look the other way when War Machine takes out dictators and madmen in distant war zones like Santo Marco and occupied Aqiria, but what happens when the one-man-army finally picks a target on American soil? Don’t you dare miss ‘Homeland,’ beginning with WAR MACHINE #6!”

Click here to read the whole article.

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