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War Machine’s “War Crimes” trial coming soon!

IGN has interviewed writer Greg Pak about the “War Crimes” story arc coming soon in the “War Machine” comic book. Here’s an excerpt:

IGN Comics: Are the authorities more concerned with prosecuting Rhodey for public points, removing a major hero from play or harnessing the War Machine tech? A little of all three, perhaps?
Pak: It all depends on just who’s behind this trial. In the big climax to “War Machine” #10, War Machine and Norman Osborn finally throw down. If Rhodey’s the big winner there, it’s anyone’s guess just who’s behind the “War Crimes” trial that follows. But regardless of who’s controlling the agenda, Rhodey and all the people who love him will have to face terrible questions about the justice or injustice of his recent actions.
For ten issues, we’ve seen Rhodey do exactly what he thought was right, no matter what the consequences. Now we’ll find out what the rest of humanity has to say about that – and learn just what those consequences will be.

Click here to read the whole thing.

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