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Wizard and IGN interview Greg Pak about “War Machine” and have interviewed writer Greg Pak about his upcoming “War Machine” comic book series for Marvel.
From the IGN interview:

IGN Comics: The previous War Machine MAX series seemed to be a critical hit, but failed to really find an audience. What steps are you taking this time around to hopefully change all that?
Greg Pak: In terms of mainstream awareness, we’re lucky to be coming on the heels of the amazingly and deservedly successful Iron Man movie, which featured a standout performance by Terrence Howard as James Rhodes. And longtime Marvel fans may take special interest since our story takes place right in the middle of the Marvel Universe — and eventually we’ll reveal a villain who’s as big as any alive. But most importantly, we have a pretty shocking take on the character that’s entirely consistent with his roots and history while launching him into explosive new stories that are different from just about anything else in super-hero comics right now. Jim Rhodes may just blow a few minds here. Literally.

From the Wizard interview:

What can you say about the artist, Leonardo Manco? What does he bring to the title and the character?
PAK: Leonardo has a great feel for dark realism and an almost eerie ability to merge tech with humanity. He’s perfect for this series.

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