In the year 2061, three friends grapple with revolutionary change when Sprout Computers releases the most visionary piece of personal technology ever created. The latest sci-fi mindbender from writer Greg Pak ("Planet Hulk") and penciller R.B. Silva ("Jimmy Olsen")..

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2013.10.27 - "Vision Machine" and Greg Pak on the Film Independent Forum in LA
2013.01.22 - "Vision Machine" goes to Sundance!
2012.10.12 - Debuting the Vision Machine iPad app at the New York Comic-Con!
2011.04.10 - Greg Pak gives away FREE "Vision Machine" trades at MoCCA TODAY!
2011.03.12 - Greg Pak, Orlando Bagwell, and "Vision Machine" at SXSW
2011.02.19 - Greg Pak and "Vision Machine" at Students for Free Culture Conference, NYC
2011.02.16 - Free copies of "Vision Machine" trade at Greg Pak signing in NYC
2011.01.22 - Greg Pak, Orlando Bagwell, and "Vision Machine" at the Slamdance Filmmaker Summit
2011.01.12 - "Vision Machine" #3
2010.11.17 - "Vision Machine" #2
2010.10.23 - Greg Pak in Philly! "Mister Green," comic book signing, "A Conversation with Greg Pak" at the PAAFF
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    2013.10.27 - "Vision Machine" and Greg Pak on the Film Independent Forum in LA

    10.17.13 - CALENDAR > This entry's link

    "Vision Machine" writer and director Greg Pak will be a panelist on the "There's an App for That" panel at the Film Independent Forum in Los Angeles at 3:30 on October 27.

    Click here for the full scoop!

    Interested in Google Glass? Check out "Vision Machine" and the iEye

    02.20.13 - REAL WORLD NEWS > This entry's link

    Today Google released a new promotional video for Google Glass, a pair of glasses that provide the viewer with an interactive overlay on the real world.

    If you're interested in how Google Glass might affect your life in the next few years, read "Vision Machine" today. "Vision Machine" is a FREE graphic novel and iPad app written by Greg Pak and drawn by R.B. Silva that explores what happens when Sprout Computers releases the iEye, a pair of glasses that lets you instantly record, edit, add special effects to, and share anything you can see or imagine.

    It's a brand new world of insane creative opportunities -- and tremendous privacy and surveillance challenges.

    The future is here. Prepare yourself.

    Instagram claims right to sell your photos: Hey, We Predicted That In VISION MACHINE!

    12.18.12 - REAL WORLD NEWS > This entry's link

    In honor of Instagram claiming the right to sell your pictures, we've launched the new "Hey, We Predicted That in VISION MACHINE" tumblr.

    Check it out!

    2013.01.22 - "Vision Machine" goes to Sundance!

    12.16.12 - CALENDAR > This entry's link

    The "Vision Machine" iPad app, written and directed by Greg Pak, is one of the featured projects that will be discussed at the Tablet Storytelling Takes Off New Frontier panel at the Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday, January 22. Pak will attend the panel, along with Scott Snibbe (Björk’s Biophilia, Beck’s Rework: Philip Glass Remixed), Eli Horowitz (Silent History), and Loc Dao (Circa 1948).

    Click here for all the details!

    Filmmaker Magazine interviews Greg Pak about the "Vision Machine" iPad app

    12.05.12 - NEWS > This entry's link

    ITVS's Karim Ahmad interviewed "Vision Machine" writer and director Greg Pak about the "Vision Machine" project. Here's an excerpt:

    Ahmad: But what I love about the Vision Machine app is that it’s really testing the limits of what is usually considered “acceptable” functionality for a digital comic. Like the fact that you include a complete voice and music soundtrack!

    Pak: Yes! That was key for me. Many digital comics have musical scores, but we might actually be the first out of the gate with a full voice soundtrack.

    We also wanted to include some really substantial extras and a social media interactive element. So throughout the story, there are “IRL” buttons that you can tap to bring up videos of real world luminaries (including internet superstar Jonathan Coulton) talking about the ramifications of the story’s themes and ideas. And you can enable a Twitter stream that shows you tweets that use the #visionmachine hashtag. We’re planning to use that Twitter stream to do virtual events, like panels or Q&As, that you can follow live in the app.

    Read the whole thing!

    And download the iPad app for free!

    "Vision Machine" app now available for FREE at the iTunes Store!

    10.12.12 - NEWS > This entry's link

    The Vision Machine interactive comics iPad app is now LIVE on iTunes -- download it for FREE!

    Then come see the Vision Machine panel at the New York Comic-Con Friday at 12:30 pm!

    Please note the app requires iPad 2 or 3.

    Check out the "Making of the Vision Machine iPad App" video!

    10.11.12 - NEWS > This entry's link

    On Friday, October 12, at 12:30 pm, writer Greg Pak will debut the iPad app version of his "Vision Machine" graphic novel at the the New York Comic-Con. Now check out the "Making Of" video that tells the story of how the cast and crew worked together to make this revolutionary interactive digital comics app!

    2012.10.12 - Debuting the Vision Machine iPad app at the New York Comic-Con!

    10.10.12 - CALENDAR > This entry's link

    Writer Greg Pak will debut the iPad app version of his graphic novel "Vision Machine" at the New York Comic-Con this Friday with a slew of special guests! Pak will also give out free copies of the "Vision Machine" trade paperback.


    12:30 - 1:30 pm - Debuting the Vision Machine iPad App!

    Location: 1A21

    Speakers: Andy Ihnatko , Barrett Fox , David Libby , Greg Pak , Jonathan Coulton , Karim Ahmad , Phil LaMarr, David Libby, Ian Stynes

Get a first look at the future of enhanced digital comics as writer Greg Pak ("Planet Hulk," "Robot Stories") and voice actor Phil LaMarr ("Futurama," "Justice League") debut the iPad app version of Pak's acclaimed sci-fi graphic novel "Vision Machine," which includes a full soundtrack, music, animation and amazing interactive features. And get a free copy of the "Vision Machine" paperback! Also featured on the panel: app developer Barrett Fox (Coco Studios), funder Karim Ahmad (ITVS), composer David Libby, sound designer Ian Stynes, and internet superstar musician Jonathan Coulton, who's interviewed in app's extras.

    Click here for more info.

    Textless "Vision Machine" now available for remixers!

    01.06.12 - NEWS > This entry's link

    By Greg Pak

    My graphic novel "Vision Machine," pencilled by the brilliant RB Silva, was funded by the Ford Foundation and is distributed for FREE under a Creative Commons license that allows anyone to reuse and remix it non-commercially, as long as they credit Pak Man Productions.

    Now we're making it much easier for any would-be remixers out there by releasing the unlettered colored pages of "Vision Machine" for download!

    Click here to download the pdf of the unlettered "Vision Machine" graphic novel.

    Click here to download the lettered "Vision Machine" graphic novel.

    And be sure to ping me via Twitter if you create a remix or derivative work!


    Fanboy Planet loves "Vision Machine"

    10.18.11 - REVIEWS > This entry's link

    The fine folks at Fanboy Planet podcast reviewed (and loved) "Vision Machine."

    Check it out! (The review begins around the 30:00 mark.)

    Click here to download your own FREE copy of "Vision Machine.".

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