Greg Pak: Eternal Warrior

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An ongoing Valiant Comics series written by Greg Pak and drawn by Trevor Hairsine. Starting September, 2013.

ComicVine interviews Greg Pak about “Eternal Warrior”


I talked with ComicVine about the “Eternal Warrior” series I’m writing for Valiant Comics. An excerpt:

CV: What’s it been like working with Trevor Hairsine, who’s uncolored work looked pretty awesome?

GP: Trevor’s amazing and I feel hugely lucky to have been paired with him. He’s actually just signed an exclusive with Valiant, so I’m kind of cackling over here thinking about the potential for settling in for a long stretch with him. He’s just perfect for the gritty heroic adventure tales we’re telling. He’s brilliant at big, comic book action, but he brings a kind of visceral atmosphere and reality to his characters and environments that’s just critical for a character like Gilad.