2023-11-08 – MECH CADETS #4 hits comic book stores this Wednesday!

MECH CADETS #4 cover art by Takeshi Miyazawa and Ian Herring showing the four main cadets standing with backs to each other in the foreground with smoke filling the midground and a damaged, armless Hero Force 2 standing in the background

MECH  CADETS #4 hits comic book shops this Wednesday! Here’s the solicit:

While Olivia and Frank risk everything by breaking quarantine (and the rules), Maya and Stanford are in pursuit, with Stanford dumbfounded by Olivia’s perceived recklessness. But Olivia knows what she’s doing–more than ever before–and is after a bit of essential information that could mean success… and finding Franklin and General Park.

Check out the lettered preview here and ask your local shop to hold a copy for you today!

MECH CADETS #4 was drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa with colors by Ian Herring, letters by Simon Bowland, editing by Shantel LaRoque and Eric Harburn, and script by Greg Pak.

2023-11-08 – DARTH VADER #40 hits comic shops this Wednesday!

Darth Vader #40 cover by Leinil Yu and Romula Fajardo, Jr. showing VAder walking towards us with lightsaber drawn, advancing on droids. Text reads "Dark Droids / Darth Vader / First, It Comes for the Metal... Then It Comes for Everything Else!"

DARTH VADER #40 hits comic book shops this Wednesday! Here’s the solicit:

SCOURGE OF CORUSCANT! What greater prize could the DROID SCOURGE imagine than CORUSCANT, an ecumenopolis filled with millions of droids? And what greater TERROR could the people of Coruscant imagine than a horde of scourged droids…led by LORD VADER himself?

The book was written by yours truly with line art by Raffaele Ienco, colors by Federico Blee, letters by Joe Caramagna, cover by Leinil Yu and Romulo Fajardo, Jr., and editing by Mark Paniccia, Mikey Basso, and Danny Khazem.

Click here for a lettered preview and ask your local comic shop to hold a copy for you today!

Where to find me (and not find me) on social media

I’ve been enormously grateful to the folks who have followed me on social media throughout my career. You’ve helped spread the word about my comics to thousands of other readers, backed my crowdfunded books, spread the word about friends’ projects, and and helped me raise money and awareness for causes I care about. Thank you all so much!

But social media has always had its negative points and they’ve all been amplified in recent years. I won’t belabor you with the details, but I’m sick of everything Twitter has become and I’m pretty much done with it. I’ve deleted almost all of my posts and am mainly holding onto the account (@gregpak) to prevent an imposter or scammer from taking over the username.

So for now, here are the best places to find me online:

My email newsletter – long term, the best way to keep track of my work. It’s linked to my website, not to any social media site, so it should keep coming as long as I’m working.

Mastodon – my preferred social media home these days. It has its quirks, but it’s not owned by a billionaire and seems less subject to overnight destruction on a whim. For what it’s worth, I use third party apps like Ivory for iOS and Elk for the browser – they make the Mastodon experience much more intuitive and smooth, in my opinion.

Bluesky – probably the most fun social network I use now, mainly because of the presence of hundreds of my fellow comics creators. The big caveats are that it’s still invite-only and it remains to be seen how well its privacy/moderation will scale when it opens up.

Instagram – not my favorite because I don’t like many of the policies and practices of its parent company, Meta, and it’s a walled garden that doesn’t allow externally-pointing links in posts. But I’m still there for now.

I also still have a Tumblr account, but I’ve never really cracked the code there. Still, feel free to follow me there — maybe someday I’ll figure it out!

2023-10-12 – 10-15 – Greg Pak at the New York Comic Con!

New York Comic Con promotional graphic showing the cover to MECH CADETS #1 and a photo of Greg Pak. Text says "Appearing at NYCC Thursday-Sunday / Greg Pak / Darth Vader, Mech Cadets, Planet Hulk"

I’m coming to the New York Comic Con this week! I’ll be signing and selling books in the Artist Alley at table K-29 every day when I’m not at a  panels or signings. Here’s my schedule:

Thursday, October 12

1:45 – 2:45 pm – NYC Civics for All Comics Group 23-24 Preview – Room 406.1. (I’ll be talking about WHO BELONGS? and other secret projects here!)

4:45 – 5:45 pm – Why Comics? Comic Books in the Classroom and the Battle for Their Place – Room 406.3.

Friday, October 13

3:15 – 4:15 pm – Marvel: Amazing Spider-Man – Gang War – Room 409. (I’ll be talking about the DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU book I’m writing, starting Shang-Chi.)

Saturday, October 14

11:00 – 11:30 am – Marvel Comics Signing with Zeb Wells and Erica Shultz – Marvel Booth #2153.

Sunday, October 15

1:30 – 2:30 pm – Lucasfilm Publishing: Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away – Room #1B-02. (I’ll be talking about DARTH VADER, natch.)

See you soon!

2023-10-04 – DARTH VADER #39 in stores today!

DARTH VADER #39 cover with line art by Leinil Yu showing Darth Vader with his back to us and his lightsaber out facing an octuptarra droid.

DARTH VADER #39 hits comic book stores today! Please do check out the lettered preview here!

The book was written by Greg Pak with line art by Raffaele Ienco, colors by Federico Blee, letters by Joe Caramagna, and editing by Mark Paniccia, Mikey Basso, and Danny Khazem.

Here’s the official solicit:

THE CRUCIBLE OF HATE! The DROID SCOURGE takes over one of DARTH VADER’S closest allies—and seizes one of MUSTAFAR’S greatest weapons! To survive, Vader must finally reclaim his control over THE FORCE by exploring his deepest hatred. Featuring the answer to the terrifying question: Who does Vader hate more than anyone else in the galaxy?

Ask your local comic book shop to hold a copy for you today!

2023-09-13 – DARTH VADER #38 and MECH CADETS #2 hit comic shops!

DARTH VADER #38 cover by Leinil Yu and Sunny Gho. Showing Vader being attacked by a small disk droid that's causing purple sparks. In the background are a bunch of infected droids attacking Stormtroopers.

I’ve got two books coming out on Wednesday, September 13! Dontcha dare miss DARTH VADER #38 and MECH CADETS #2, both written by Greg Pak (hey, that’s me!).

DARTH VADER #38 was drawn by Raffaele Ienco with colors by Federico Blee and letters by Joe Caramagna. Check out the lettered preview here!

MECH CADETS #2 was drawn by Tak Miyazawa with colors by Ian Herring and letters by Simon Bowland. Check out the preview pages here!

Please do feel free to ask your local comic shop to hold copies of both books for you!

MECH CADETS #2 cover by Takeshi Miyazawa with colors by Ian Herring. Showing Olivia in her mini robo suit fleeing a giant Sharg while carrying Franklin and the little alien.

Writer of over 500 comic books, including PLANET HULK, MECH CADET YU, FIREFLY, and DARTH VADER