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Greg Pak has written multiple classic runs of Hulk stories, including the Planet Hulk epic that inspired the gladiator storyline in the Thor: Ragnarok movie, the 2007 event comic World War Hulk, Skaar: Son of Hulk, which starred Hulk’s half-alien barbarian son, and The Totally Awesome Hulk ongoing series starring Amadeus Cho.

You can buy signed copies of a lot of these books at the Greg Pak Shop!’s Sunday Slugfest has posted seven reviews of “Incredible Hulk” #92 as its latest Sunday Slugfest. A few excerpts:

“… between the art and Greg Pak’s writing I think this will end up being one of the all-time classic Hulk storylines.”
— Michael Bailey
“If I was looking for a reason to start picking up the Hulk again (and I am, who isn’t?) I would consider this a unique opportunity to get back into it. You should too.”
— Dominic Davies
“…there�s no denying that Pak and Pagulayan have created an issue that�s just plain fun. Because in the end, hearing �Hulk Smash!� is just plain cool, no matter what alien dialect it�s translated into.”
— Adam Volk

Good advance reviews for “Incredible Hulk” #92

Early reviews are coming in for “Incredible Hulk” #92, the first issue in the epic “Planet Hulk” storyline, written by Greg Pak with art by Carlo Pagulayan and covers by Ladronn.
The Velocity Comics Newsletter notes:

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and it didn’t disappoint: Marvel is unleashing Planet Hulk on us! INCREDIBLE HULK #92 begins a year-long story-line putting the Hulk in situations in which you’ve never seen. Written by Greg Pak, who might just be one of the greats in waiting.

Ron Thibodeau, manager of Comicopia, writes on the Jinxworld message boards:

Marvel has achieved an amazing feat here. They took this non-HULK reader, and totally made him damn sure that he will get every single part of this story.

Trust me, kids– The Marvel Age of AWE is upon us, and I don’t say that lightly.

Meanwhile, Andrea Speed at Comixtreme gives the book three and a half stars and notes, “Those who want a type of science fiction adventure story with the Hulk… should be pretty pleased with this.”
“Incredible Hulk” #92 hits comic book stores February 8. Use the Comic Book Shop Locator Service to find your local store. Or subscribe online at or by clicking the links at the bottom of this article.

Greg Pak to write “Incredible Hulk” comic book series

Marvel Comics has announced that Greg Pak will be the writer of the “Planet Hulk” storyline, which begins in Issue 92 of “The Incredible Hulk.” Visit Newsarama to read the press release. Here’s an excerpt:

“‘Planet Hulk’ thrusts the Hulk into a savage world in which a corrupt empire uses the spectacle of bloody gladiatorial combat to distract its citizens, discipline its slaves, and dispose of its enemies,” says Pak. “In a world in which might makes right and he who wins in the arena has the chance to influence thousands, what path will the Hulk take? Will the monster become a hero? Or will he become the worst tyrant the universe has ever seen?”

Interior pencils are by Carlo Pagulayan; covers are by Ladronn.

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Named the Best Ongoing Series of 2007 by Wizard Magazine

Greg Pak’s work with the iconic Marvel Comics character began with the “Planet Hulk” epic (“Incredible Hulk” #92 to #105). Pak then wrote the summer blockbuster, “World War Hulk” (“Incredible Hulk” #106 to #111 and “World War Hulk” #1 to #5). The third part of Pak’s Hulk trilogy begins in early 2008 with “Skaar: Son of Hulk.” Hulk fans also won’t want to miss the “Warbound” miniseries, which follows the Hulk’s alien gladiator companions from “Planet Hulk” here on planet Earth.


Wizard Magazine on “Incredible Hulk”:

“Planet Hulk” turned the big green behemoth from a raging monster into a deeply complex and psychologically driven character. And with “World War Hulk,” Pak proved his ability to deliver complex, heartfelt storytelling and intense scenes of action on the grand stage of company-wide crossovers. on “World War Hulk”:

While the action is great and would make a tremendous popcorn flick if ever put on screen, the reason this series and the finale in particular resonate so much with readers is thanks to writer Greg Pak, who’s created character-driven battles, not mindless slugfests. Whether with a punch or a word, there is raw emotion and angst on display here.

San Jose Mercury News on “Planet Hulk”:

How do you reinvigorate the Incredible Hulk saga? Send him into orbit and make him the new “messiah” for a bloodthirsty planet populated by aliens struggling to overcome a caste system. Pak, who also makes movies, has pulled off one of the most exciting story lines Marvel has produced. Must-read: Marvel’s “Planet Hulk” will set you back $39.99, but it’s worth every penny, turning out to be one of my best reading experiences this year.