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TUROK #1, ACTION COMICS #28 and CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD #3 on sale today!

Hey, friends. It’s a big Wednesday for me — three of my books hit stores! Hope you’ll consider checking them out. And if you’re in NYC, please come see me tonight from 6 to 8 pm at JHU Comics!

TUROK DINOSAUR HUNTER #1 is the story of an exiled Native American persecuted by his own tribe whose world turns upside down with the arrival of dinosaurs. The book is illustrated by Mirko Colak with colors by Lauren Affe and letters by Marshall Dillon. Nate Cosby is our fearless leader and editor.

A few excerpts from reviews:

“…a world arrives fully realized on the page with endless potential.” — Den of Geek

“Thanks to it’s outstanding creative team, and a fresh approach, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #1 is more than just a reboot, it’s a victory lap for everyone involved!” — Comics: The Gathering

“Pak gives a deeply emotional driven story that sets up the future of the series perfectly. I also loved the soft spoken nature he gave Turok, and the way that the English language was classed as the foreign language amused me.” — Unleash the Fanboy

Grab it from your local store, nab it on Comixology, or get it via mail order from Dynamite!

ACTION COMICS #28 continues the exploration of the world of Subterranea, where Superman and Lana Lang learn of an entirely new threat — and spend a little more time with each other.  Art by Aaron Kuder and colors by Wil Quintana.

The Comic Current calls the book “flawless” and gives it five stars.

Grab it at your local store or nab it on Comixology.

Finally, CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD #3 is now available at Comixology! Here’s the solicit: “Code Monkey joins Skullcrusher and the monsters of Villainy Affiliated, LLC in hopes of saving his office crush Matilde from the clutches of Laura the Robo Queen. But who ever said Matilde actually needs saving? Shocking revelations await you on Chiron Beta Prime!”

Art by Takeshi Miyazawa, colors by Jessica Kholinne, letters by Simon Bowland, and based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton.

TUROK #1 lettered preview pages!

At long last, Dynamite Comics has released lettered preview pages from TUROK DINOSAUR HUNTER #1, which goes on sale February 5 in comic shops everywhere! The book was written by yours truly with art by the great Mirko Colak, letters by Marshall Dillon, colors by Lauren Affe, and edited by Nate Cosby.

Check ’em out, and come see me on February 5 at JHU in NYC, February 6 at the Comic Book Shop in Wilmington, and February 7 at Fantom Comics in Washington, DC.

Also, here’s an advance review of TUROK #1 from Adam McGovern over at An excerpt: “The ear for the shadings (both nurturing and harsh) of Native culture is attentive and three-dimensional, and the psychological climate layered and foreboding.”

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2014.02.07 – Greg Pak in Washington, DC – Media That Matters Film Festival panel, signing at Fantom Comics!

If you’re in Washington, DC, heads up — I’m in town on Friday for two events!

First, I’m a panelist at the Media That Matters Film Festival. Check out the full sked here. And here’s the description of my panel:

3:00 – 4:00 pm – Image Matters: Graphic ways to visualize policy, history, news and more
SpeakersDaniel Burwen, Cognito Comics; Greg Pak, comic book writer; Marissa Valeri, Common Cause
ModeratorAndrew Lih, American University

Then I’m heading to Fantom Comics in Union Station to sign comics from 6-7 pm! Check out the deets here.

See ya soon!

Retailers! TONIGHT is final order cut-off for TUROK #1!

Hey, comic book retailer friends! Please take note – TONIGHT is final order cut-off for my newest book, TUROK DINOSAUR HUNTER, written by yours truly with gorgeous art from Mirko Colak. The book is a revival of the classic Gold Key character and is published by Dynamite Comics.

I’m super proud of the book and hope you’ll considering ordering big. The huge incentive: Dynamite is offering FULL RETURNABILITY on issue #1! So go big!

Below is a bit more about the book, and check out all the preview pages!

Turok-01-00Cov-Lee1 turok-01-00Cov-Sears1 turok-01-01 turok-01-02 turok-01-03 turok-01-10 turok-01-15 Turok-01-16-17

From the ComicVine interview:

This is a story about a Native American fighting dinosaurs. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

I’m not even really kidding, here. This is great high adventure, alternate history stuff. We’re doing some really fun worldbuilding that should appeal to anyone who gets a kick out of historical fiction in particular. But the core of the story is about a young man grappling with a life-and-death struggle that threatens his entire world. WITH DINOSAURS.

From the CBR interview:

“First off, ‘Native American fighting dinosaurs’ is one of the greatest four-word pitches in the world!” Pak told CBR about what it was that attracted him to launching “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter” for Dynamite. “It’s so evocative and so much fun, and it asks so many questions in that one phrase!”

From the Comicsbeat interview:

…we’ve got a new angle on Turok, entering his story at an earlier stage than most previous tales. He’s a young man, an exile from his tribe struggling to survive in a brutal world. So even before the dinosaurs hit, he’s had to learn how to survive by the skin of his teeth. But does that set him up to be his people’s savior — or the ultimate predator?