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Wherein I talk about the workings of this very site. THRILLING, I KNOW.

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MECH CADET YU art from Takeshi Miyazawa and Triona Farrell.

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ComicsBeat on email newsletters with quotes from me & Warren Ellis

A few days ago, I wrote about the precarious state of social media and internet services and how creatives and freelancers might consider revamping their email newsletters in order to maintain contact with readers and fans. That same day, Warren Ellis sent out some similar thoughts in his own email newsletter. And now Heidi MacDonald at ComicsBeat has written about both of those pieces!

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Rethinking social media, the internet, and email newsletters for creators in 2018

I’m just old enough that email newsletters made my career possible. And I’m starting to think that they’re going to save us indie creators and freelancers all over again in the coming years.

Back in 2002, when I was taking my feature film Robot Stories around to film festivals, I’d pass around a notebook and collect email addresses from every audience I spoke to. By the end of our festival run, we had no real budget for publicity for our theatrical run, but we had a few thousand email addresses. And that was better than gold. I sent out email newsletters every week, asking our amazing supporters to get their friends in whatever city we were visiting next to come see, come see! And they did!

As the years passed, I sent out fewer and fewer newsletters and spent more and more time on social media. Social media was easier, and let’s be honest — it was more fun. At first it seemed like we were all just goofing around on Twitter, telling ourselves it was good publicity but mostly just cracking jokes. But Twitter proved its enormous value when I started doing Kickstarters. Without Twitter, we’d have been hard pressed to drum up the kind of support we did for Code Monkey Save World, The Princess Who Saved Herself, ABC Disgusting, and Kickstarter Secrets.

But with each passing day, the culture and administration of Twitter seems to get more overwhelmed with negativity and harassment. Something’s going to break. And when it does, where does that leave all of the creatives and freelancers who have put so much of their outreach efforts into the site?
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Art by the great Marie Severin

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Site upgrade!

So at long last, I’ve taken the plunge and updated to WordPress from the reliable but increasingly rusty version of Movable Type that had been powering this site for the past eight years. And so far, I really like it!

Some of the bonuses of WordPress:

  1. The site’s automatically optimized for internet-capable mobile phones, which didn’t really exist back in 2005 when I built this thing in Movable Type.
  2. WordPress is living, breathing code that’s regularly updated, which means I’m finally able to take advantage of some pretty common features like getting those sharing and like buttons at the bottom of every post.
  3. Transferring all my old posts over gave me the chance to get rid of category clutter and organize the indexes more simply. And now there’s a search function and a decent archive system that’ll let folks access older posts more easily.
  4. Much better interface for writing posts, with tools for auto-creation of hyperlinks. (I know, I know, y’all have had this for half a decade. But it’s fresh to me!)

I’m going to try enabling comments just on this post, so if you have any thoughts about the site design or discover any bugs or problems, please do chime in!

UPDATE: I think I broke the comments – they’re not working. Urg. So if you have any thoughts about the site, please feel free to let me know on Twitter!

UPDATE 2: I figured out how to enable the comments! Quirky thing — no “Discuss” module on the post page. But when I click the “Quick Edit” button in the list view of the posts, I got the comment control panel. Anyway, please give the comments a try so I can see if they’re working!