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Read about Bill Mantlo’s tragedy; donate to his ongoing care

By Greg Pak
LifeHealthPro’s Bill Coffin has written a tremendously moving article about the great comic book writer Bill Mantlo, who was struck by a hit-and-run driver in 1992 and suffered traumatic brain injury. Please, go read the article, then click the button below to send your donation to Bill’s brother Mike for Bill’s ongoing care.

Bill Mantlo has had a huge influence on me as a writer and reader. His “Micronauts” stories blew my mind as a kid and his “Incredible Hulk” run laid the groundwork for the themes I explored my five-and-a-half year run with the character. In the afterward to “Incredible Hulk” #635, I dedicated my run to Mantlo, and a couple of months ago devoted my Newsarama column to singing his praises and letting folks know how to donate to his ongoing care.
Thank you so much, Bill Coffin and LifeHealthPro, for shining a light on someone who brought so much joy to so many people.
And here’s a note from Bill’s brother Mike, reprinted from that Newsarama column:

First off, I send out a big THANK YOU to everyone that has helped support Bill over these past 19 years (!). Every donation, no matter how big or small, and every card or letter is greatly appreciated. Bill’s condition remains the same (he suffers severe cognitive impairments, anger, and depression), and these factors keep him very much isolated from “the outside world.” Aside from my visits, and the kindness of my beautiful wife and some of the attendants at the nursing home/rehabilitation facility he resides in, his contact with other human beings is virtually non-existent. But the support and encouragement of fans, and industry professionals like yourself, helps to bring a little ray of sunlight into his dark and dreary days. When I (or my wife) engage Bill in conversation, his spirit emerges and is as strong and pure as it ever was! So, once again, I can’t thank ALL of you enough!! I strongly believe in the power of practicing random acts of kindness, and with that belief I hope that ALL of your kindnesses will be returned to you many, many times over!
Cards, letters or donations to Bill Mantlo can be sent to:
Mike Mantlo
26364 East Pintail Road
Long Neck, DE 19966
Please make out any checks to “Michael Mantlo” — Bill’s legal guardian.

Donate $20 to Japan relief charity of your choice, get “Vision Machine” trade!

UPDATE 4/1/11 4:15 PM: The tally is now $4011 for Japanese relief. I’ll keep sending “Vision Machine” trades for a while yet, so keep on donating!
UPDATE: Final Japan relief report: the original goal was $1000. We raised $3142. You are all amazing. I’m still giving out free trades to folks who donate, so keep it coming!
UPDATE: Friday, 10:31 am. We just hit $1786. Love you guys. New goal: $2500 by midnight. I DON’T THINK YOU CAN DO IT! PROVE ME WRONG!
UPDATE 5: Friday, 1 am – and we’ve hit $1502! New goal – $1750 by the end of Friday!
UPDATE 4: It’s Thursday night and you’ve blown way past the $1250 goal — we’re up to $1417! Let’s make a new goal of $1500 by the end of Friday!
UPDATE 3: You guys are amazing. We hit $1037 Thursday morning. New goal: $1250 by the end of Friday!
UPDATE 2: Up to $827!
UPDATE 1: We’ve raised $707 so far — let’s see if we can hit $1000 by the end of Friday!
By Greg Pak
After a few days of trying to figure out how to help raise some dollars for Japan, I’ve come up with what I hope is a simple plan. Here’s how it works:
Donate $20 to any charity doing relief work in Japan.
Then send an email with your US mailing address to japan at pakbuzz dot com. In your email, tell me what charity you donated to and confirm that you are 18 or over. (And sorry for limiting it to US mailing addresses — little to complicated for me to mail large numbers of packages overseas right now.)
And I’ll send you a free “Vision Machine” trade paperback!
The charity is your choice. $20 minimum donation. If you tell me you donated, I’ll believe you and send you a trade – honor system, folks!
Finally, please include your Twitter handle in your email if you’d like a shout out online!
Many thanks, all the best and happy donating!

Support Pakistan flood relief by buying signed Greg Pak comics!

By Greg Pak
According to the Daily Herald, the UN says the Pakistan flood is the largest humanitarian crisis ever.
Now you can help support Pakistan flood relief — and get some signed comics! I’m auctioning off twenty grab bags of signed comics via eBay’s Giving Works program for just $29.99 a pop. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders for Pakistan flood relief. You get five comics in each grab bag.
Please feel free to buy one today!

Donate to Pakistan flood relief, get free signed comic book

By Greg Pak
The Pakistan floods have killed thousands and put millions in danger. According to UNICEF, 3.5 million kids are in desperate need in Pakistan. Meanwhile, donations for Pakistan flood relief have totaled less than a third of what was raised for Haiti – for a crisis with ten times as many victims.
It’s incredibly easy to help. If you have a cellphone, just text “FLOODS” to 864233 to donate $10. The money goes to UNICEF.
As an added incentive, once you’ve donated, just email with your mailing address and I’ll send you a free signed comic book. (You must be 18 or over and I can only ship to the US.)
C’mon, superheroes. Let’s see what you can do.

“Incredible Hercules” artist Reilly Brown auctions original art for Haiti

The fantastic Reilly Brown, fan favorite penciller of the “Incredible Thorcules” storyline that ran in “Incredible Hercules” #132, 134, and 136, is auctioning off some original art as part of the Heroes4Haiti initiative to benefit the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.
The auctions include the first appearance of Thorcules (Herc dressed as Thor, natch) from “Incredible Hercules” #132 and page 20 from “Cable & Deadpool” #50.
Click here to bid on the Hercules page.
Click here to bid on the Deadpool page.
And Reilly? You’re awesome.

IGN auctions every Hulk comic ever written by Greg Pak for Haiti relief!

IGN has begun its eBay auctions for Haiti relief — and Greg Pak has donated a signed copy of every comic book he’s written that involves the Hulk! Click here to view the auction.
The bundle includes every “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” issue, the “1602: New World” mini, all of Pak’s “Skaar: Son of Hulk” comics, a few “Incredible Hercules” issues that feature the Hulk, and Pak’s current run on “Incredible Hulk” up to issue #606. Here’s the big list:

Every Hulk-related comic book ever written by “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” writer Greg Pak — signed, plus extras!
“1602: New World” #1-5 – featuring the 1602 Banner and Hulk
“Amazing Fantasy” v2 #15 – First appearance of Amadeus Cho
“Incredible Hulk” #92-105 and “Giant Size Hulk” #1 – the “Planet Hulk” epic
“Planet Hulk Gladiator Guidebook”
“World War Hulk” #1-5
“Incredible Hulk” #106-111 – tie-ins to “World War Hulk”
“World War Hulk: Aftersmash”
“What If Planet Hulk”
“Marvel Spotlight: World War Hulk”
“World War Hulk: Gamma Files”
“Warbound” #1-5
“Incredible Hulk” #112, “Incredible Hercules” #126, and “Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide” – “Incredible Hercules” issues involving the Hulk
“Skaar: Son of Hulk” #1-12
“Skaar: Son of Hulk: Savage World of Sakaar”
“Hulk Family: Green Genes” #1
“Planet Skaar Prologue” #1
“Incredible Hulk” #601-606 – Pak’s current “Incredible Hulk” run, including the first installment of the “Fall of the Hulks” story
“Dark Reign: The List: The Hulk” #1
Extras include:
Black Bolt variant covers for “World War Hulk” #1
Sketch variant cover for “World War Hulk” #3
Frank 3rd printing variant for “Incredible Hulk” #106
Frank 2nd printing variant for “Incredible Hulk” #107
Garney 2nd printing variant for “Skaar” #1
McGuinness Hulk variant cover for “Skaar” #12

So what are you waiting for? Click here to bid today! All proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.

Heroes4Haiti auction: Last hour to bid on Greg Pak’s “Planet Hulk” concept art

By Greg Pak
We’re in the home stretch of my first Heroes4Haiti benefit auction, and you now have just over an hour to bid on original concept art for “Planet Hulk.”
Click here to check out the listing. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.
Click here for my other benefit auctions (signed comics) and check out the auctions from other creators at!