2006.09.13 – “Incredible Hulk” #98

“Incredible Hulk” #98, written by Greg Pak with interior art by Aaron Lopresti and cover by Ladronn, hits comic book stores on September 13. Here’s the solicitation from Marvel.com:

It’s Warbound versus Warbound on Planet Sakaar! The Hulk has survived the horrors of the Maw and the Great Arena by pledging an oath of brotherhood with his fellow gladiators. But can he truly trust them — and himself? Which of the Hulk’s gladiator allies challenges his rule? And can their Warbound oath survive? Also this issue: Learn the secret history of the Emperor’s mysterious Shadow Guard Lieutenant — and marvel at the shocking showdown between the Lieutenant and the Hulk! The “Planet Hulk” Anarchy storyline nears its heart-stopping conclusion!

Tell your local comic book store to reserve your copy today!