2013.01.08 – “Action Comics” #27 and “Batman/Superman” #7 out today!

Hey, friends. Get to your local comics shop or make with the clicking, ’cause “Action Comics” #27 and “Batman/Superman” #7 both hit stores today!


“Action Comics” #27 continues the story of Superman’s encounter with the monster child Baka and the mysterious Subterraneans. Lana Lang and the Ghost Soldier continue to play huge roles as well. Art by Aaron Kuder, with assistance from RB Silva and Mike Hawthorne. Check out the preview here and buy it digitally at Comixology here!

And here’s an early rave review from Too Dangerous For a Girl that says, “Pak writes the warmest, smartest Superman we’ve seen since the 2011 reboot, an appealing combination of open-hearted country boy, investigative reporter and straight-up superhero.”

Aaaand here’s an interview with me about the book at the 13th Dimension!


“Batman/Superman” #7, drawn by Brett Booth, is the climax of the Toymaster/Mongul storyarc. The over-the-top action continues apace, but I’m really happy with the emotion in this one. Dontcha dare miss it! Preview herebuy it at Comixology here.