2014.03.26 – “Eternal Warrior” #7 out today!

The latest and greatest issue of “Eternal Warrior” hits stores today, and I hope you’ll consider picking it up. Without any exaggeration, I think this might be one of the best things I’ve written in a while, and Robert Gill’s pencils, Guy Major’s colors, and Dave Sharpe’s letters are just stunning.

The story’s about an immortal warrior who’s become the quiet protecter of a small farming community in a near-idyllic post-disaster world. But humanity has a way of repeating its mistakes, and soon our hero and his wide-eyed granddaughter Caroline must enter a new world of growing technological wonder and terror.

I’ve been playing with pace in this story, really taking all the time I can to establish the world and the quiet relationships and little moments that drive the big emotional story. There’s a moment in issue #6 that’s a splash page showing nothing but a child’s face, and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve written all year.

If you’ve enjoyed my other work, I hope you’ll give this book a shot. The current storyline began with issue #5, and issue #7 hits stores today.

If you read your comics digitally, you can grab everything at Comixology.

And read on for a preview of issue #7.


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