2014.11.19 – “Batman/Superman” #16 and “Storm” #5 in stores today!

I’ve got two big books in stores today! Call your local store and ask them to hold you a copy or buy ’em digitally at Comixology!



“Batman/Superman” #16, drawn by Ardian Syaf, starts a brand new storyline that asks “Who is Superman’s Joker?” Pretty darn excited about this. Ardian’s our new ongoing artist, and he’s amazing — combining some of that fine detail of Jim Lee with the expressive character work of a Kubert. Inks by Sandra Hope Archer and David Meikis, colors by Ulises Arreola, letters by Rob Leigh, and editing by Eddie Berganza. Check out the preview here!


“Storm” #5 features our hero cutting loose in the death fields of the Four Clans — possibly risking her own soul while finishing her dead lover Wolverine’s dangerous business. Art by the always stunning Victor Ibañez, inks by Victor and Craig Yeung, colors by Ruth Redmond, letters by Joe Sabino, and editing by Daniel Ketchum. Check out the preview here.

Hope you enjoy!