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2014.12.17 – “Batman/Superman” #17 and “Storm” #6 in stores today!


It’s new comic book day and I’ve got two books in stores and online:

“Batman/Superman” #17 continues the mystery of Superman’s Joker. A psychopath with power to rival Superman is murdering innocents with super-powered, untraceable bullets. Can Superman and Batman figure out who it is before the next victim falls? Art by Ardian Syaf and Sandra Hope Archer, colors by Ulises Arreola. Check out the preview here! 

“Storm” #6 features our injured heroine defending a plane from attackers — and sets up a massive status quo change you won’t want to miss! Art by Al Barrionuevo and Tom Palmer, colors by Ruth Redmond. Preview here.

Ask your local shop to hold copies for you today or buy them digitally at Comixology!

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